Hi everyone! My name’s Marina Villeneuve, and I’ve so far explored the ancient city of Teotihuacan, Mexico, the Tohono O’odham reservation in Tucson, Arizona and the oh-so exotic regions of Long Island and Georgetown, D.C.

I’m currently exploring Bogota, Colombia, where I will be interning for the Washington Post’s bureau in Bogota, Colombia until mid-December 2013.

A small-town girl with a deep love for traveling, I just graduated from Dartmouth College, where I studied government and constitutional law in preparation for a career as an investigative political journalist.

About 22 years ago, my pregnant birthmother traveled from an outer region of Colombia to a woman’s shelter in Bogota, where she decided to give me a chance for a different kind of life through adoption.

I grew up in the small and homogenous town of Tewksbury, Massachusetts, and ever since, I’ve worn a lot of hats: a grocery store clerk, the founder of an underground student newspaper, a Girl Scout, a Burger King hat-folder, a pageant contestant, a pizza delivery girl, an Indian troupe dancer, a not-quite-Latina member of a Latino student union, and a perennial reporting intern, with eight internships at outlets ranging from scappy local papers to national newspapers under my belts.

The idea of stuck behind a desk for the rest of my career repels me. I believe in the power of stories, and of the importance of the written word. I look for stories that take me into new communities and challenge my own worldview.

Here’s my more “professional” website with my articles, biography, resume and multimedia. Here’s some other ways we can connect:

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  1. Hey Darlin’! So excited to keep following you through your journey! I’m so happy for you to have this opportunity to explore our country. If you need anything, or want to hang out with an awesome chica, let me know – I’ll put you in contact with my cousin! Take care!

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