Tips on landing, and paying for, a first journalism internship

So, there used to be a journalism “track”, where you’d start out at a smaller paper, and work your way up. This still exists in theory, but the online world has turned this idea on its head. When looking for your first gig journalism gig, think outside the box and go for it. But take a moment to think first… Continue reading


2016 summer internships! (repost)

Hi everyone!

So this post is going out to all those who are looking for journalism internships for next summer. A bunch of deadlines are actually November 1! Now might be a bit too late to start applying to these internships, as it’s always best to give recommenders around 1.5 to 3 weeks (some people say 3-5 weeks) to write a letter.

Required reading: This fabulous “10 Steps Young Journalists Can Take to Get an Internship” list penned by the lovely Marissa Evans immediately.

So, here’s a list of paid (some are stipend, some give decent salaries, one also provides housing) summer internship opportunities I know to be solid experiences – whether that be from my personal experience, or from the experiences of friends: Continue reading

Explainer: Why are so many universities getting investigated by the Department of Education for how they handle campus sexual assault?

Originally published 5/1/2014.

UPDATE: The post has been updated to reflect the fact that on May 1, 2014 around 11 a.m., the White House released a list of the 55 colleges and universities facing sexual assault investigation.

The next time you’re at the movies, it’s likely you might see a 60-second PSA in which stars like Steve Carell, Dulé Hill and Daniel Craig talk about the importance of making sure you receive consent from your sexual partner.

The White House – at the urging of advocates like the young people behind the Know Your IX network – has released the results of the first ever-federal task force (here’s the fact sheet) on sexual assault that happens on college campuses.

As NPR News explains, it “provide colleges with basic guidelines for dealing with sexual assault cases; it also sets up a national reporting system that asks schools to survey their students about their experiences.” Continue reading

Lack of transparency, accountability and rape kits: 19 Essential Reads on Sexual Assault on College Campuses

(Scene of Duke University. Source: Creative Commons).

It’s a weighty issue that has taken higher education by storm, spurring public debate on the failings of what many claim are secretive and unaccountable college judicial systems.

There’s also been some great reporting on it.

Here’s a list of 19 #muckreads I think are essential to getting a good grounding on the complex matters that arise when allegations of sexual assault come about on a college campus.

Continue reading